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Next in line, take a ticket and a seat
In a room where life revolves around a contract
With monthly fees for things I have little need
Do I visit my sick mother in the hospital?
Fees high enough to take to your grave
Or instead do I make sure to stay warm at night
Files and money, I couldn’t pay for a funeral
Quite frankly, neither could she
I hadn’t the time to bury her
Right beneath the soil she smiled at
The cemetery was no home
The only ashes I will be dancing in
Are the ones of all the trees cut down
The very ones that say I have graduated
With the serial code to confirm my existence
Or the very papers with letters
On an assignment to tell me I’m worthy of living
Twenty-six letters of the alphabet
And I must have the very first
Those assignments, they tell me
Are of utmost importance and are relevant
The ones about sedimentation and cirrus clouds
Or the fence I had to build
For a yard that doesn’t exist
I cannot attend the wedding of my only child
Business calls and death whispering in my ear
Missing more than three days in a year will cost you
Everything you have, everything you are
And have worked up to be
Thousands of dollars and years of work
Still I may wind up on the streets
If it is my life why can I not live it as I choose?
Without being told I am a failure
Useless, worthless
Because what I shall amount to in life
Depends on how well I can understand everything
Why do I learn about science if history is where I dwell?
Struggle in any subject and colleges will deny again and again
You can have it all in America
I am free say the Americans
A choir of drones echo out a tune passed as our song
Betwixt each hymn dulcet and proud
The outcry of misery
Drowned out by the pills
There is a problem with me
But never with you
I cannot be perfectly flawed
A single voice defies the crowd
Singled out
You can have it all
Painting pictures will get you nowhere
The dream my heart desired is long gone
I am forced to follow the dream we all do
You cannot mingle or mix
The gender-discriminating
The cliques
A social reject, perhaps
For a psychiatrist befit
And when my house burns down
May we see your papers?
I have no longer my social tattoo
But a chance no longer is given to you
A liar at best, unable to demonstrate skills
If the best things are without a price
Why do I keep a job?
The TV feeds me with the most important news
From the newest hit single
To who won the Grammys
What about the children starving?
Something so often denied
Or those who cover their hair in modesty
Spit at and horribly deprived
Why can’t I wear an outfit
Bought two years prior?
What is so heinous about the man
Living on the highway
Whom can’t get his life back
Why place in jail those just trying to numb
All the insecurities, the madness
The unnecessary responsibility
In place of simplistic contentment
There is greed everywhere
Purchase this
You need that
We built upon the Founding Fathers’ ideals
And being accepted has come down to selfishness
The news can’t let me forget about Miley Cyrus
The provocative dance outweighs Syria
Going to war is nothing more than a battle we expect to win
Nobody sees the aftermath
The lives lost
The families broken apart
The Giver can only give so much
Before it is thrown all away
Hold onto the things you cherish the most
Despite what anyone else may say
And if you wish to go into the forest, well
It’ll become a concrete jungle after that
Plant the American flag on another piece of land
To oppress further life for a brief laugh
You wish for a perfect life
To be different, yet everything is so trite
When children decide to take their existence
Even the inexperienced are aware this isn’t right
Feeding more chemicals into my body
More jargon unexplained
Whatever happened to a simple man
One United, broken up into fifty states
But a man can’t marry another man
Each camera hidden wherever you turn
Your life being spilled unbeknownst to you
Land of the Brave
But I cannot speak my mind at all
And the only happiness received
Is when I am placed within my grave
A poem done in regards to my view on America. Was for an assignment. Here's a video version as well.
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